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People’s Obsession With Ig Followers

Instagram has been a platform through which people have earned their fame and also showcase their fame. Online celebrities tend to use Instagram to increase their followers on their main mode of income i.e. YouTube. Ig followers are a powerful tool that can do a lot of things which makes a person wanting to get more and more. On average, a person requires more than 11 likes to consider one better from others.


More income

One of the two biggest reasons for getting more likes. It used to be that more likes equal to more people seeing your post. In reality, people want more likes to know the number of people who have surely seen the post. Where does the income part fit in this? Well, many celebrities and other people have their clothing brands, accessories, etc. and they want those products to be sold as much as possible. Influencers, through their posts, gather up a fan base and when people see that product in the post, they might buy it. That is what all influencers do. They sell their products or their sponsor’s product to their fan base through Instagram. More people liking used to be more people seeing and buying that product but now it has become, more people liking equals more people confirming that they have seen the influencer’s post.

Emotional satisfaction

People feel lonely or they need to constantly be the centre of attention. That is one of the reasons we see some people doing random scandalous stuff on purpose. Getting more attention would mean having more people as part of their life. People, who feel lonely, want more likes to know that people are interested in their posts. That is why a normal person usually likes a post, to show their appreciation/affirmation. They show that they like that post because well, they like that post. People needing emotional satisfaction need a constant steady flow of likes in order to fuel their needs and get their life back on track.


Consequences of every shortcut:

Shortcuts are always enticing and irresistibly tempting. Climbing up the likes and real followers’ ladder is not easy; building a bond with the followers requires time, efforts and the sheer amount of dedication. With the new shortcut, to boost up the likes and followers’ numbers, the real followers are losing their credibility. If accounts seem dubious to the investors, the brand generally blacklists the account and if proven to be a repeat offender, Instagram even has a complete right to ban your account.

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