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You can too start maintaining your retainers

Retainers are used to safeguard the results of dental treatment. The life of your retainers is mostly found by the type you choose. Removable acrylic retainers and fixed permanent retainers are the two major types of retainers. The lifespan of each is determined by how well you care for your mouth and retainer. Both types of retainers have the ability to last for years if they are cleaned on a regular basis and are not damaged. Removable retainers typically last 5-10 years, however permanent retainers might possibly last decades. Here are some points for maintaining and how to clean a retainer:

how to clean a retainer

  • Brush and floss the area surrounding your set retainer. Just like braces, the wire can gather food, so dental care is essential. You should also maintain your regular dental treatments so that your dentist can ensure the region is clean and cavity-free.
  • Retainers are popular with pets, so keep them in their case when brushing and flossing. The last thing you want is for your dog to destroy it.
  • Know how to clean a retainer, brush it gently with a soft-bristled toothbrush and nonabrasive toothpaste anytime you brush your teeth. This will remove any plaque and food debris. You can also use a retainer cleaner on occasion and let it soak for deeper cleaning. This will keep it from stinking and will remove any build-up.
  • If you lose a retainer, contact your doctor as soon as possible to have it replaced. Even if you don’t wear your retainer for a few nights, your teeth will shift. It is critical to replace it if you want to keep your smile.
  • Except for plain water, remove your retainer before eating or drinking anything. It is very vital to remove it even if you are only sipping a drink. The liquid and carbohydrates can become trapped between your teeth and your retainer, increasing your risk of tooth decay.

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