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How Many Mazzanti Evantra Were Made?

With 1200HP and a twin-turbo charged V8 engine, Mazzanti Evantra is one of the most powerful supercharged turbo cars you’ll ever see, its prototype was launched back in 2016 and the reason why we don’t see these often on roads is because of the limited productions, compared to some other super cars only a handful of Mazzanti Evantra were made, this car is incredibly unique and made of on a commission and the Italian company only produces a maximum of five units per year, so even those who can afford it ten times have to wait in line for this very sought after supercharged vehicle which is an incredible piece of engineering.

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When a car is this unique it is incredibly sought after, its exclusivity adds to its value as many top car collectors and enthusiasts would miss out on this amazing car, only 5 units a year means that it would take years for you to wait and still not get in queue to get the booking, the question that many people ask is if it is that good and people love it so much then why there isn’t a proper plant for it like any other sports and why anyone who can afford it can go get a booking done, it can be related to the purchase of a very unique Italian design hand-made shoe, one can buy just any shoe but they wait for months to get their order from an Italian designer who carefully makes the shoe in weeks and people wait for it as they know its value and why it is so exclusive.

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